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Tires Replacement Services in Saudi Arabia

It is always better to get your tires checked out as soon as there is any indication of damage because driving on a damaged tire might result in more expensive rim damage and repairs. If the tire puncture is addressed as soon as possible, the solution can be as easy as requiring one of our patch plugs. In other situations, the TPMS sensor may need to be changed or reset, or a new valve stem or valve core may need to be installed. Come to the SalamaTire- a leading store providing Tires Replacement Services in Saudi Arabia. We will take of you as well as your vehicle’s tire replacement and repairs.

Tire Replacement

Your tires' tread wears down with time, which can cause poor traction and even unsafe driving circumstances. Generally speaking, tires should be changed every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on driving habits and recommendations from the car manufacturer.

We at SalamaTire provides our clients with the best and affordable Tires Replacement Services.

Tire Repair

In order to get you back on the road as soon as possible, SalamaTire may be able to repair, patch, and plug your tires if they still have tread remaining and are under ten years old. Keep in mind that if the puncture is extremely large, not all tire damage can be repaired.

Tire repair is the act of fixing a small puncture or just swapping out a defective tire with a new one. Even if it seems like a task that anyone with two hands could perform, it's advised to visit a store that specialises in tire repair in order to guarantee that your issue is fully resolved.

Why You May Need Your Tire Repaired?

Because of the quality of tires in the past, automobile owners regularly had to deal with the unnecessary inconvenience of having to repair them. Tires are designed to endure even the roughest road conditions, thanks to manufacturers and modern technologies. Although there is much truth to this, it happens frequently that bad weather or other road dangers force someone to need tire repairs.

Why Choose Us

One of our tire specialists will carefully inspect your tire both internally and externally to ascertain the type and amount of any damage before proceeding with the service. This enables us to assess whether your tire can be fixed or needs to be changed.

We'll inform you when it's time to get new tires if yours can't be fixed. If you decide to buy from SalamaTire, we will assist you in locating a high-quality services in Tires Replacement in Saudi Arabia that meet your requirements. Additionally, we will equalise your tires and, if required, turn back on your tire pressure monitoring system.

SalamaTire offers top-notch services all under one roof. Our staff is knowledgeable, skilled, and equipped to handle all of the contemporary machinery and deliver high-quality services. To provide you with the best set of car tires for your vehicle, we have a large inventory of branded tires.


1. Why is it required to replace the tires on my car?

The only point of contact between your car and the road is the tire. Because of their susceptibility to wear and tear, a comfortable and safe ride is ensured by a decent quality tire. Regular replacement extends the life of your vehicle and improves its fuel economy.

2. How do you handle a flat tire?

First, you should stop your vehicle in a safe spot if you find yourself with a flat tire while driving. Then, towing your car to the closest SalamaTire can be arranged by calling our round-the-clock towing service.

3. When should my tires be changed?

The manufacturers of tires advise replacing tires with tread depths of 4/32" or less. On wet roads, hydroplaning starts at this point. Inadequate traction or handling on slick or wet surfaces are further causes for replacement. If your tires appear worn, you should visit our tire shop so we can ensure the safety of you, your family and other drivers.

4. How much time does a tire repair take?

Tire repairs are typically easy to perform and take less than an hour to finish. After locating the leak and determining whether it can be fixed, a professional will fix the tire. After the tire is fixed, we will check that your car's tire pressure monitoring system is working and inflate the tire to the recommended air pressure.

5. Should all four tires be replaced at once, or is it acceptable to replace just one?

Understanding the state of the other tires is crucial when replacing a single tire. As advised by the manufacturer, you might have to change more than one tire at once.