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Salama Road Company was established in 1992. It is a subsidiary of Beit Binzagr Holding Co.for Industrial & Commercial Investment Ltd. Salama centers are well equipped with latest technology equipment manufactured by world leading brands.
Our technicians are well qualified & highly experienced in their respective fields. Beyond tire selling, we also offer the highest quality services like tire fitment, balancing, wheel alignment, battery replacement and engine oil change. We are the authorized retailer of DUNLOP Tire, EVERGREEN Tire, IQ Battery & Shell Helix Motor Oil brands in KSA.

When J.B Dunlop started off his journey to the invention of tyres, his key focus was to ease his son's discomfort by fixing his tricycle. So, just like that, the Dunlop organization has built an empire on the same philosophy of providing the utmost peace to people's daily journeys around the world.

We strive our best to achieve workers' and consumers’ satisfaction, enrich people's lives globally, and thereby contribute to the sustainable development of society. We have a compelling desire to create a new life value for all, both now and in the future.


EVERGREEN is driven by our value of “Common interests beyond all others” with a clear mission to “Cordially provide customers with more valuable products and services”. Our goals of honesty, trustworthiness, and being customer-oriented set us apart as a brand that works to maximize the common interests of consumers, dealers, and suppliers. Our value-driven corporation results in value-driven products for all users.