Maintain Your Tire in 8 Smart Ways


1. Daily Visual Check

  • All tires should have same inflation pressure.
  • Sidewalls should not have cracks or unusual bulges.
  • Check and remove any foreign object (e.g. stones or nails) that can puncture your tire.

2. Monthly Tire Pressure Check

  • Use a proper tire gauge to measure tire pressure.
  • Check pressure and inflate only when the tire is cold (a hot tire will show inaccurate reading due to inflation)
  • It takes around 4 hours for a tire to cool down, so it�s best to check tire pressure either before the trip or after it cools down
  • Please keep the inflation pressure, as per the vehicle tire pressure chart that can be found on the driver�s door frame or in your owner�s handbook
  • Keep the spare tire Inflated for any emergency

3. Check for Irregular Wear

Irregular wear implies that one section of the tire is more worn than the rest. It happens mainly because:

  • Tires are not uniformly inflated
  • Tires are not balanced
  • Tires are out of alignment

4. Rotate Tires Every 5,000 km

  • Visit a reputable tire shop or garage for tire rotation you
  • Check your owner�s handbook for rotating sequence

5. Tire Balancing are

  • Get your tires balanced at the time of new tire fitment or when any irregular wear is found

6. Check the Tread Depth Indicator

  • All tires come with a tread depth indicator

7. Check the Wheel Alignment

  • Misaligned wheels cause tires to wear more quickly and irregularly, and prevent the vehicle from running or braking in a straight line. The suspension and steering components will also be subjected to extra stress
  • It is a good idea to have your wheels aligned by a computerized alignment machine. A reputable workshop should have the wheel alignment specifications of your vehicle model

8. Driving Habits

  • Avoid over speeding, quick starts and sudden stops
  • Never run on wrongly inflated tires